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Global gateway crewing services Inc now urgently from All Ranks for their ready fleets. For June to July 2023 Deployments!

Interest applicant, Show your resumes and get joining from your careers selected!

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CompanyGlobal Gateway Crewing Services Inc
Adress12th Floor, De Leon Center, 1151, 1000 M. H. Del Pilar St, Ermita, Metro Manila, Filipina
Job OpeningAll Ranks : Container/Bulk/Tanker/AHTS
DeploymentJune to July 2023
SalaryNot Disclosed.
BonusNot Disclosed.
Total Jobs
📁 Requirements [Condition of Employments]
  1. Kindly, Delivered your resumes to

📁 Job Opening : Global Gateway Crewing Services Inc
Now HiringVessel TypeGet JoiningRecruitment
Chief OfficerContainerApply>>Enquire Now>>
2ND OfficerContainerApply>>Enquire Now>>
Chief EngineerContainerApply>>Enquire Now>>
2ND EngineerContainerApply>>Enquire Now>>
3RD EngineerContainerApply>>Enquire Now>>
4TH EngineerContainerApply>>Enquire Now>>
ElectricanContainerApply>>Enquire Now>>
FitterContainerApply>>Enquire Now>>
OilerContainerApply>>Enquire Now>>
MasterBulkApply>>Enquire Now>>
Chief OfficerBulkApply>>Enquire Now>>
2ND OfficerBulkApply>>Enquire Now>>
3RD OfficerBulkApply>>Enquire Now>>
Chief EngineerBulkApply>>Enquire Now>>
2ND EngineerBulkApply>>Enquire Now>>
3RD EngineerBulkApply>>Enquire Now>>
4TH EngineerBulkApply>>Enquire Now>>
Electrican [ETO]BulkApply>>Enquire Now>>
FitterBulkApply>>Enquire Now>>
OilerBulkApply>>Enquire Now>>
BosunBulkApply>>Enquire Now>>
Able SeamanBulkApply>>Enquire Now>>
FitterTankerApply>>Enquire Now>>
OilerTankerApply>>Enquire Now>>
BosunTankerApply>>Enquire Now>>
Ordinary SeamanTankerApply>>Enquire Now>>
Chief CookTankerApply>>Enquire Now>>
2ND OfficerOffshore – AHTSApply>>Enquire Now>>
2ND EngineerOffshore – AHTSApply>>Enquire Now>>
3RD EngineerOffshore – AHTSApply>>Enquire Now>>
Electrican [ETO]Offshore – AHTSApply>>Enquire Now>>
FitterOffshore – AHTSApply>>Enquire Now>>
Able SeamanOffshore – AHTSApply>>Enquire Now>>

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All information included in the resume and Occupational Questionnaire is subject to review and verification.

HR will review your resume and supporting documentation to ensure you meet the minimum qualification requirements.

Applicants meeting the minimum requirements will be further evaluated based upon information you provided in the Occupational Questionnaire.

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